It’s Official! It’s Back!

After taking a lot of time off and away, The Scene is now officially planned to be back, as well as the contributions to The Deuce.

The last year was certainly one for change and taking stock of everything I have. Sometimes when one gets into these films, one gets lost in the collecting of things enough to lose track of what’s there. I feel that it’s now time to finally get moving with the sharing of info, along with the gathering of the wonderful screen caps I know you like (I like them too…I take a LOT of care in doing them). Also, getting used to the new equipment here takes a little time, and I want to make sure that the whole scene is running smooth.

So, what with this “Cutout Collective” I’m planning you may ask. Good question, great answer…
With a lot of my used album finds on the cheap resulting in getting what’s known as Cut Outs, it was starting to turn into an interesting look at the long gone Record Industry of The US, since I have heard that COs were mainly a thing of The American and Canadian Music Industry, although I’m sure it’s happened all around the world. Readers of the scene might want to check it out from time to time as it features a lot of music from the great era of music that provided a soundtrack to the era that the Scene focuses on. There’s a lot of cheesy music there as well, but it’s my kind of cheese, possibly stuff that will evoke a memory or three. Try to take a look at the cover’s left hand side…that’s if you’re done looking at the Model Biker Chick on the right.

Yes, it’s a Cut Out! OK, not the very thing an artists wants in the career, but something that can add some value later on – meaning adding some good music value to someone’s collection. A Cut Out is a mark that the album did not sell all too well (I can imagine the label reps going “Damn Hippies! Buying albums with the slop paintings and greasy guitarists when they can get a cover with a hot chick! Oh well, the label’s going out of the biz anyways.”), but since the Early 90’s it also means a line of re-issues has stopped (Electra’s collection of albums from Mute, Rhino’s double-disc collections when things are going to one disc or digital, and many more), or simply that the company is gone and out of the biz. It also means a couple of other things, but I’ll get to that in the Music Blog.

As for the info, there’s still the small hill of that stuff next to me, and a lot of it is getting typed into my computer right as I type this. More later!

Here’s an easy horse ridin’ Sunday Morning pic for you. Bunny Downe from Goldilolcks and the Three Bares.

Time to go to Art Class!


~ by screen13 on April 1, 2012.

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