Album Cover of 1957! I’m In the Nude For Love – plus Screen 13’s New Music Blog!

One day, looking through a Goodwill album bin, this showed up. You know those moments when you think “This was there for me and only me!” as if you hit some kind of jackpot? It happened right there and then. Bought on first sight!

It did not matter if the music was not going to be the most exciting thing on the planet, it was just that cover! Even before The Immoral Mr. Teas broke the barrier for Film in 1959, a small budget label known for it’s many quickly put together releases was quick to cash in on the Nudist craze with a cover photo by Ken Whitmore, who was a great photographer for album covers for Crown as well as Capitol and Verve although hardly anything will top this cover with The Scene.

A few notes: Crown was one of the many Budget Labels of the 50’s to 70’s that turned out a lot of releases with “theme” albums including Bongo Madness and String of Pearls: Music Made Famous by Glenn Miller or albums that featured lame cover versions that exploited the fact that people were not reading the covers on the albums in full like Teenage Dance Party, 12 Top Hits, and Batman Theme and Other Bat Songs. There were actual real artists who had a couple of recordings on that label including BB King and those who had some pre-hit recordings that were being exploited left and right by many cheap companies including Neil Sedaka and the Dave Clark 5, who would put the better known artists along with some little known singer that more or less worked for the company. The whole crazy story can be found at the classic Both Sides Now site…

Copy and paste the following address…

Back to the album.

The albums is everything you expect – music filled with Strings, Piano, and Sax that’s just begging for some Nudist film to use. It’s very common Late 50’s stuff, right on the easy listening path with thankfully no vocals to get in the way. The most WTF moment on this is “Tender Love” that’s actually “Love Me Tender” put through a dreamlike trance, and I wish to find someone posting this track on the web so that I could share what’s possibly one of the “Covers under a different name” that got away with it, possibly because the album was sold in very few places enough for anyone not to nocice.

Billboard said it best in it’s Dec. 23, 1957 issue – “Arrangements attempt polished style but execution rather crude.” Pretty much like a lot of Drive In Dates!

With that already burned into your memory, it’s time to announce a happening that The Scene has been planning for some time. Screen 13’s Cutout Music Mayhem has started, and is ready to join up with The Scene with an eye to also team up with The Deuce…you know how many classic soundtracks have hit the Cut Out bins. The new blog seriously focuses on those albums that hit the Dollar Bins through the years, and it may turn into the Cutout Collective, a plan to have a team of collectors who buy used albums as Cut Outs ready to entertain you with their finds. This also focuses on the Budget labels, of which Crown is one of the “Crown”-ing kings of.

Stay tuned!

~ by screen13 on March 31, 2012.

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