The Other Side of Madness, part 1 of the You Tube Posts

Featuring the music of Sean Bonniwell, who’s sounds are featured in my music blog, this was one of the first Manson Exploitation flicks ever created. I’ll get the link up to my review over at The Deuce soon, but for now I just want you see the start up of this film. It may not be that accurate, it did capture that dread and darkeness of that moment in history.

The film was Produced by Wade Williams, who would release it in 1971, but it was a good guess that it was possibly only a limited run due to both the anger that the story caused in many leading not to play it in theaters. The film was finally officially released as The Helter Skelter Murders in 1976, following on the heels of the hit TV movie Helter Skelter. The film was also re-issued in 1979, a decade after the events that took the lives of actress Sharon Tate and others through two nights done by those who were connected to Manson.

The music by Bonniwell captured the mood perfectly, and was actually far more better than the film deserved, but it only made it far more interesting. the song featured here is the instrumental version of The Music Machine’s classic “Dark White.”


~ by screen13 on November 14, 2011.

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