Scream Baby Scream – The Original 1969 Trailer!

Time for another classic trailer, and one that was not put on the Troma release of this classic bad film from Florida. Filmed in 1969, and starring Ross Harris, Eugenie Wingate, Suzanne Stewart, Larry Swanson, and Cult legend Chris Martell (seen in various Florida flicks from the Late 60’s), this is certainly a bottom of the budget happening. The trailer tried to sell this as some kind of “Hip” flick, and at least Martell is believable as he was actually fronting a local band at that time as well (The Odyssey, I think also in Musical Mutiny), but it’s just a typical Horror flick with some of the worst special effects for it’s time.

The story surrounds Janet Wells (Wingate) and her interest in the painting of Charles Butler (Swanson), who’s disfigured looks are a little too inspired. Her ever-domineering boyfriend Ross is very critical about the artist, citing his style as being too crude and trendy, and is very suspicious about him. As a token hipster, Martell is the leader of a local rock band who hips the gang onto that staple of 60’s Exploitation, LSD, and his band is actually pretty good (Their one song should be posted somewhere…).

Using a College Art course as a backdrop, one can slightly see Florida film regulars Brad Gritner as a teacher (Earning plenty of laughs already…check out his flicks to see why) and Bunny Ware as a model. The film was released in May, 1969, but was actually rated an R much later around 1973.

Not that suspenseful, but some of the acting actually comes off half-way decent if this would have been geared more as a Drama, but the crap attempts at humor and very bad special effects ruin it. Still, it’s overall not a bad way to waste time, best seen late at night (or at least on Elvira’s show).

…Guessing Time…The film’s writing credits read Larry Cohen, but further research suggests that it may not be THE legendary director/Writer. Knowing how people change names and that as he was quite a busy guy then, it might be logical, although this certainly not as intelligent as his works. I never found this connection in the Re/Search Incredibly Strange films book I have, which features a seriously detailed interview. His middle initial is G and the original credits in the AFI book (p. 945) say that it was by Laurence Robert Cohen, so right now I’m not going with the popular opinion until I see more proof. I’m still thinking that it’s another Larry Cohen.

~ by screen13 on October 10, 2011.

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