The Cramps – Killer LIVE footage at the Napa State Mental Hospital!

I apologize for the long wait in posts, but I hope that this shot of that God Damn Rock and Roll will be cool with you.

June 13, 1978 – The Cramps, already causing shock waves with their Alex Chilton-produced cover of “Surfin’ Bird,” were on tour with The Mutants and wound up with a gig at the Napa State Mental Institution, recorded as a classic piece of Punk Rock history. Some time before this, the legendary Synth Punk band The Screamers had a gig at the Camarillo State Mental Hospital that went well, and that was pretty much the spark to make this gig a go. Thankfully, the show was a success both for the music, which is killer Cramps in their legendary Lux-Ivy-Bryan-Nick line-up, and for the WTF history of Punk that’s so far better to look into than any social-political-serious thesis because it’s RAW and ALIVE!

The original studio recording of “Domino” was released in that year as the B-Side to the classic “Human Fly,” their second release.

~ by screen13 on October 2, 2011.

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