Teenage Mother means Nine Months of Trouble! – and a classic Six Minute Trailer

Arlene Sue Farber is one of the Scene’s most under-rated legends of the world of Exploitation. Her characters usually were the kind of woman that you would find almost anywhere, suitably trashy (This flick, Tow Girls for a Madman, Female Animal…you get the picture), perfect for a small town trailer park complete with the must have Beehive and Mini Skirt. Yes!

This was Jerry Gross’ first major hit film…meaning of course huge Drive In Hit that exploited the interest in the “Sexual Revolution” that was happening at that time. Judy Ange plays the “Swedish” Health Teacher with an accent that’s as convincing as a Three Dollar Bill, and Farber is our main focus student who lies about having a baby. Fred Willard (Later of Real People TV fame) and Alex Mann (Later of many other NYC Exploitation flicks) get in the picture here.

This film, following Roadshow Sex Ed Flick roles, also manages to show the Birth of a Baby in full color. The success of this must have inspired some to actually revive this once-thought-dead formula, and I have a feeling that Donn Davison dropped his Yo Yo and Spook Show activities for something like this.

Jerry Gross is also in this as the Trucker.

:48 – The sight of Arlene sue that you don’t get to see in the main film. Sell it, Jerry! (Did Divine see this? Watch Female Trouble, and you will think this as well.)

:57 – Looking at least about 18! Not fooling us a bit.

1:37 – The Dance Scene that was the rule for these films! I’m sure I saw that geeky looking mop top guy in Two Girls… (“I can make it rhyme any old time!”)

1:56 – KFC never had an ad THIS good!

2:38 – Meet the Producer/Director/Distributor!

On DVD by Code Red with Teenage Graffiti.


~ by screen13 on September 23, 2011.

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