Flesh Feast Trailer (1970)

This is the trailer to what is one of the most saddest attempts at a comeback in the world of film. Reportedly made in 1967, but not released until 1970 through John Rickett’s Cine World, this was the Brad Gritner flick with Veronica Lake playing a scientist who uses maggots for some kind of anti-ageing process and winds up being the one to help out some aged Dictator secretly flown in. Many Florida Exploitation notables are in this one, including Chris Martell playing a Cuban…I don’t make these things up! Sadly, Martell does not go into a number here.

Oddly enough, this was reported to have played the Drive Ins well. I guess they will take their dates to ANYTHING…for the right reason, though, and watching the film was not one of them.

:03 – Ooooh, look at the pretty colors! That was the sad “Color Treatment” that the Maggots were subjected to.

:07 – Dumb ass reporters who forget to shut the phone booth on a hot story deserve their fate.

:20- The one playing the dead woman was the best actress in this flick!

:54 – Sadly, this was Veronica Lake shortly before she passed away.


~ by screen13 on September 23, 2011.

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