Blood Sabbath (1972) – New Deuce Review!

Click on the photo of Alotta (Dyanne Thorne) below and check out the review of the Erotic Occult Exploitation cult classic Blood Sabbath on The Deuce with more cool screen caps!

Hello to all once again. What’s a low budget film which went into production possibly around Late ’69-Early ’70 starring Dyanne Thorne before the Ilsa films as the evil witch Alotta, Tony Geary before his stardom on General Hospital as a Vietnam Vet who gets caught up between the evil witch Alotta and a usually clothed Water Nymph (I know, possible symbolism), naked Hippie Witches, cheesy Folk music, and great music by Les Baxter? Great viewing!

Throw in the fact that the Director was an ex-wife of Jerry Warren who went onto become a name in Television cinematography, and you already have a good example of Exploitation history. Sadly, the film possibly had little to no playdates when it was originally released, and it took a VHS release to actually get it noticed, but at least it survived…although i doubt it that we will get a fully restored version of it any time soon. Still, put together 70’s Nudity, the Occult, symbolism, and usually good photography, and I’m there!


~ by screen13 on July 6, 2011.

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