Tokyo Gore Police and Hard Revenge Milly – Two Gore-filled DVDs get a quick look.

Dear readers, if you have still not seen either Tokyo Gore Police or Hard Revenge Milly (Milly including TWO good flicks!), see them as soon as possible. For all of the complaints about modern Horror people have dished out through the last few years, I’m planning to mix in more recent films worthy of this Scene that have some great edges and styles that could blend in perfectly with the classics that I normally watch, and there’s no better way to start off this new attitude than with a couple of Gore Action flicks from Japan. Some say that they go over the top, but to me they actually deliver not only in the Exploitation elements (that is, the stuff that makes us watch them more than once), but also in the style (Slick and Savage not just looking like a video game) and the acting (Pure class). In other words, I love this kind of modern film – Nothing heavy handed, but something that’s my definition of a “Kick Ass” film with some cool Battle Women and some special effects that take HG Lewis’ effects and multiply them to the skies.

First off, let’s quick-look at Tokyo Gore Police, the film that most of the reviewers have raved about since it was released, and is actually living up to every word said. Interestingly enough, this was a Co-Production with Media Blasters, and I hope that more are going to be made.

Eihi Shiina (Audition’s main lethal attraction who’s also been in Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. Sounds like another must-see!) is Ruka, the Top Engineer Hunter of the Tokyo Police Corporation in the future where a group of mad engineers who turn people into lethal weapons by fusing all kinds of things where body parts have been severed after being injected a virus featuring some DNA of serial killers. As a woman who’s father was killed on the job, you can tell that she’s someone not to mess around with, and that’s exactly the kind of person you need to go through all kinds of underground areas and tough neighborhoods to find just where this secret lab is found. To add to the fun, the headquarters is located in a Fetish Club catering to the most adventurous of Club Kids as well as a few normals who just wander in out of curiosity and who’s leading starlets are part of the experimentation.

The future is one dark scene in this flick – A trend of “cutting” is hyped through TV ads and the police force go seriously for the blood and also use some advertising to encourage the youth of Japan to join the force. The ads here are very well-made and are really a highlight of the film. The under-looked favorite of the bunch is for some kind of Wii-style Execution game, but all of them seriously work well in actually lightening up to tone…just a bit for a dash of “Social Comment with Gore” sparked mainly by the success of Suicide Club, but here, it’s mainly used to detail the world of this film.

With all kinds of interesting characters surrounding this future, there’s of course your usual assortment of prostitutes and other criminals adding onto the madness. Elsewhere, there are many moments that can open up some classic-movie viewing eyes (If they have not been opened up enough already!). In another classic moment which can be noted by fans of films like Lady Snowblood, Ruka is dressed as a Geisha who has her own way of dealing with subway riding perverts, and it’s a very good tribute if it was.

This film has been dividing many reviewers into two camps – those who applaud these goo-drenched exercises in mayhem and those who think the shock for shock sake approach totally cheapens the effect of things, kind of like the days of HG Lewis although back then we knew who was on each side when Critics were very negative on Horror or any other kind of B-Movies. Thankfully now, there are those who take a good look at these films and call them for what they are, entertaining. In one legendary sequence, there’s one very much talked about moment where a very acidic killer ooze flies from the breast area of one of the mutants, but as you can tell, it works although of course some high horse critics just may call it too cheap of an effect or at an all-too-obvious approach.

Of course, Ruka wins out in the end, but not without her share of injury, turning into an “Engineer” type herself, resulting in her looking like a “One-Eye” tribute style character although in a surreal gory way. After killing off the General of the force, after having what one would call personal differences with his beliefs that led him to call Ruka a Traitor, she decides to take his place. The faithful creature that looks like a mix of Fetish and a Harryhausen creation still sticks around.

Yoshihiro Nishimura handles the Directing on this one, proving that all of his Special effects work on films like Meatball Machine (which he also Directed), Exte: Hair Extensions, and the Machine Girl, as well as being a Mold-Maker on the classic Suicide Club was all very much worth it. He’s also handled the Make Up effects on the next film in this blog as well as plenty of others.

A new arrival to the Japanese Gore filled Action scene, Takanori Tsujimoto, is the Director of the Milly films on display in a very well-presented disc from Well Go (who handles Distribution for the films in The States), and the word has been very good. Unlike TGP, this is more gritty and harder-edged with no room for parody or fun and games (although in the world of Tokyo Gore Police, it was much welcome). It’s all simple, Milly is another woman you don’t want to mess around with as her husband and child were both killed by The Jack Brothers in a world filled with criminal activity, and has a love of revenge while being a re-structured killing machine, but with this simple plot in mind, the action delivers by the scene, and with the addition of Haru to the story in the second film, Hard Revenge: Milly Bloody Battle, it’s even more cool with plenty of beauty and gore across the screen, and of course with plenty of adding the weapon to the wound moments that fit in perfect with a night watching this, TGP, and Machine Girl. Of course, you know that this means Milly is also going to have her near-death moments as well.

the major highlight of the second film is the ultra slice and dice that’s advertised on the cover, but you are going to have to check it out just to see how much of an ugly looking dish one head can create at the end of the scene.

Enough of that now…here’s one more Milly screencap!

Of course with every great leading character, there has to be someone that connects, although in this world she should be lucky that there’s even something like that with the loner revenge machine. Thankfully for the viewer, she’s visually perfect for her.

Miki Mizuno is great as Milly all dressed up in a very fitting Post-Apocalypse style and after years in the film industry, she’s making a very strong Stateside breakthrough with the DVD. Nao Nagasawa, who’s appeared in Suicide Club and Shaolin Grandma, is the once-innocent Haru who turns out to be a very tough lady although in some areas still weak especially in the eyes of Milly after challenging her in a final battle after discovering that she’s been sleeping with the enemy – Although she lets her go, free to challenge her later…the viewer can think about this of course. (Sequel time, obviously, but I’m sure that there will be those who will speculate more.). I can’t say too many great things about the disc, although it must be said that the first film is more like a mini-run for the main feature of the second film, but everyone involved has created a great solid work.

If you like more of these more modern flicks here, let me know, and I will start going through my discs to review some more.


~ by screen13 on July 15, 2010.

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