Getting Back into the Swing of Things!

Hello to all once again!

Hello once again!

Well, it’s been a VERY long time, and I have to admit that the Winter Rest has done me quite a bit of good. To answer a possibly asked question, I will never stop watching these flicks – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is possibly the true feeling when it concerns my love of Grindhouse/Exploitation Cinema, and the Werewolves on Wheels capture will seriously be the Lead Image of this Blog as it fits in perfectly. Recently, though, my brain did call for a small halt to the mountain of research I was piling up and called for time to stop and just watch the flicks, indulge in some of the old vinyl that was begging to be played for a long time (Hey, as someone who was caught up in the “Alternative” of The 80’s that was filled with special music and great times while the world of the Grindhouse Flick was moving on to VHS, I had to recapture that time), and even read quite a bit as my interests range wide. Also, there was a bit of a shutterbug feeling in me, which pops up from time to time (Usually outdoors pics, actually, but when it comes to practice, there’s no greater feeling than to capture Nature, or even great City Photos, on the spot.)

This Winter has been usually quiet, and with some time dedicated to getting all of my DVDs listed in one great list. With plenty of Something Weird, BCI (At least they are Distributed through Mill Creek now. More fine goodies should be storebound!), Dark Sky, Anchor Bay, Synapse, Redemption/Jezebel (I heard it was closing shop, Damn!), Shriek Show, MGM (When they were releasing plenty of goodies!), and others, with plenty of room for some El Cheapo sets which at least have some fine flicks all in one place, I thought it was a fine time to get things somewhat together and find out what is really in the collection before I seriously lose track. Plus, I have only just recently been gathering my information down to my Computer – Although nothing really beats knowing that there’s some notebooks lying around, it’s great just to click and find the info in a snap.

Will I return to the Grindhouse Database? The answer is a resounding yes! It’s great that it’s up and running with some good new reviews, and from what I have seen, with a couple of new writers. It’s very tough gathering a history of films that span a wide spectrum of entertainment as well as years and trends all before the rise of the Internet (I think one of the Top 5 reasons why Grindhouse Flicks hold a strong interest), and although I have been quiet for a while, there has been a “Never Give Up” feeling to my interest.

After knowing what will be changing in my life for 2010, usually little things like some of the equipment I use and the collecting of information from Notebook to Computer, it’s good to know that many interests will remain still standing strong.

To those who have been visiting, I send a big thanks to you. I hope that you have dug what has been posted, and like what should be happening very soon (From what I see in the Blog Traffic section, maybe more Naschy is a good idea.)


~ by screen13 on February 26, 2010.

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