Grindhouse History Moments #2

This brief Trivia Moment focuses on the history of American Film Distribution (Just in case you joined us by hitting the “Next” section and wondering, it was the name of a film company) and some little known facts of it’s history. The company was formed around 1962-3 in New York City, and best known for the Olga series, some classics of the Findlays, My Baby is Black (Opie and Anthony listeners may remember a skit involving that film), and Fluctuations – the last being one of the most ridiculous moments of Adult film history ever. In short, it was a king of Sleaze through The 60’s, and many fans of Something Weird Video would possibly have a few of their titles in their collection.

Still, with all of the cool films that had been released through it’s time in Grindhouse History, there were a few things that might be of interest.

Through the Mid-60’s, while Stan Borden was the President of the company, the VP was Herbert S. Altman. The reason why I wrote down the Mid-60’s here is that it was the time when the company was trying it’s best to break through to at least a higher level of a B-Movie market while keeping to it’s own risky style, with films such as Jayne Mansfield in Primitive Love although a film he wrote, Murder in Mississippi, was Distributed through Tiger Productions. By 1968, the company was moving into the more lower-rent business of In Hot Blood, Fluctuations, The Girl From Pussycat, and 1971’s Obscene House (“Just remember the title!” claimed the trailer…possibly recorded before slapping on something to sell it), so it seemed like that maybe Borden was really on his own by then as Altman was preparing a flick called The Dirtymouth, released in 1970 based on the life of the legendary Comedian Lenny Bruce – One announced title in the trades in 1965 that never was completed was “Fidel Castro, Man or Myth.”.

In the years where many Indies used Sub-Distributors to help get their films all across America, the company used the famed Crest Film Distribution for the West Coast. Led by Jerry Pursell, a friend of David F. Friedman, Crest was a well-known Distributor who handled plenty of classic Grindhouse flicks for what was known as “The 13 Western States.”

It has been rumored that Stan Borden was looking to continue the Olga series in 1973, planning to make something called Olga’s Girl Gangsters, but until I get all the details, it’s just one of the many interesting tales that’s amusing to read about. Still, I would like to know if the Stan Borden of Blueberry Films, known on the IMDb as Blueberry Hill Films, was the ex-Prez of American, as The Story of Johanna was Directed by none other than Gerard Damiano, who did appear in one of American’s final films, All Women are Bad.

~ by screen13 on August 20, 2009.

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