Grindhouse History Moments #1

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Excuse the long wait in a new post, as things have been pretty busy between the “Real World” and researching and updating for this blog.

While I happen to be here tonight, I will try to start a tradition of just writing down some good Grindhouse Movie Trivia History bits for you to keep the flow of information moving. Through the course of my research, I come across some interesting facts that are great parts of the Wild World of Exploitation that may not be as reported as much. I hope you enjoy these little posts of information.

Did you know that the three founders of MPM (Final Exam, Savage Streets), Producer John Chambliss; Marketing man Leo Kerr; and Mike Mattern of Publicity, worked for a true legend of Exploitation, Mike Ripps, over at EMC Films in The Late 70’s? It seems that they learned almost every trick of the trade from the man who turned Bayou into the classic presentation of Poor White Trash among other great exploits. Over at EMC, Ripps turned All the Young Wives into Naked Rider, which turned out to be it’s best known title – that trick turned into a common practice over at MPM in it’s first couple of years until Final Exam turned into their first original hit with it’s first marketing strategies including the re-naming of about three films under the title of Grave Desires (Including The Vampire’s Night Orgy) and other acts like turning Devil’s Nightmare into Vampire Playgirls.
According to a Commentary track on a 42’nd Street Forever disc, after MPM folded, Chambliss formed Film Concepts, with Night of the Werewolf turning into The Craving and two other pick-ups (The Other Hell and Burial Ground) being classics released on DVD through Shriek Show that should be in a solid Exploitation disc collection.

Interesting fact – A company called Golden Eagle Films was formed from Exquisite Form…a Bra manufacturer! It’s titles included Nanami (The legendary Art House film from Japan covered in Bill Landis’ Sleazeoid Express), and the Western Any Gun Can Play, a film featured on many Budget box sets. President Robert Saxton went on to lead TWI (Voodoo Heartbeat), Saxton Films (one of two releases of The Gorilla Gang in The States), then finally Hampton International, the company that had what was possibly the best known Distribution of Sins of Rachel and a support of Pot! Parents! Police! aka The Cat Ate the Parakeet.

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  1. Laydback, here! Just wanted to let you know that The Deuce forum/community is finally back and running. Much obliged if you (And your grindhouse-cinema knowledge) will soon return!

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