“Rent a Girl” – A Cambist Distributed Roughie from 1965

1965, Cosair Films Distributed by Cambist Films
P/D/W: William Rose Associate Producer: Anton Holden


Here’s another example of Cambist’s New York City Roughies that obviously showed that they should have supported more of them while still bringing on the Imported wonders. This one blends in a “Tainted Woman tells all to the DA” flashback story with all of the touches, but with more of a focus and style than most of it’s competition. Although more of a full on Sexploitation than the story driven Aroused, this still catches the Kink with a style that was hard to equal (True, The Findlays topped all of them with ease, but you get the idea).


Starting with an Initiation “branding,” showing that in B&W certain effects will look very effective, the title credits already tell the viewer that this is going to be one dark ride. The story starts off with Karen Anderson (Barbara Wood, also in the twisted Watch the Birdie) sobbing in front of the DA willing to tell all about the group of people she used to hand around with, led by the Brother and Sister team of Adam and Evelyn Marshall, posing as a Modeling Agency who’s line of work also goes into “Entertainment” for various wealthy people. With a worrying boyfriend (Jack Damon) by her side, things start quite normal until after Karen is convinced to pose for some Adult pictures as well as meeting the rest of the crowd.


The Agency attracts some some interesting people – One is sent to wealthy Harriet Grant, who plays the S/M mind games as if they were second nature, while another is sent to someone who likes the finer things in life like Body Painting (This before the Hippie era popularized it). Once Karen is comfy in her new job, despite the protests of her boyfriend, she’s asked to go to a party hosted by Grant which she reluctantly accepts. Of course, this leads to a Party scene where the viewer is treated to the sight of Exploitation legend Darlene Bennett getting hosed down and then later playing Strip Pool with June Roberts (herself a very familiar face in the NYC Roughie scene…look back to The Sin Syndicate on this Blog for starters), while later the New Model finally gets initiated and branded before finding out that Grant killed herself after being whipped like crazy by one of the “Models” assisted by Evelyn.


After all is said and done, we return back to the DA’s office,and of course the “Happy Ever After” ending, making things all cozy and fine…well, that was – In realty – until two years later. According to Something Weird Video’s notes, this ran into some trouble in Chicago where this was aimed for being banned, although in the end it was reversed by a Supreme Court decision in ’68 (Although that did not stop the city from trying to stop The Curse of Her Flesh, making that Round Two for a Findlay film there. The first was Body of a Female). Cambist were pretty used to all of the attempts, and had the style to deal with them one by one through the years to make the company one of the true legends of the New York Sexploitation scene of The 60’s and Early 70’s.


Once again, this film played well into the 70’s, in almost any Grindhouse that would still show it. Most of the B&W pictures of the day would usually fade into the storage racks, but this and Aroused seemed to have a longevity, at least for the company to still offer it, proving that sometimes the Classic Kink was still a good show. Today, it’s a good example of what shocked some people back in The 60’s, and something to check out.



~ by screen13 on August 7, 2009.

One Response to ““Rent a Girl” – A Cambist Distributed Roughie from 1965”

  1. Excellent review. Any chance you might do another roughie, like HELP WANTED FEMALE?

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