PPS – Prostitutes Protective Society (1966)

A Group Meeting

A Group Meeting

It’s time to check out another Roughie of the Mid 60’s NYC scene!

The world of Barry Mahon is filled with plenty of cheap flicks that actually have different eras ranging from the final flick of Errol Flynn (Cuban Rebel Girls), the Nudist Camp and Artists Model flicks of The Early 60’s to even the Saturday Matinee final films like Musical Mutiny (Featuring Iron Butterfly!) and (Yikes!) Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, but the film in view here is from that sadly short lived Roughie era when the cameras ran through the streets of NYC and wherever Mahon can find a cheap place to roll the cameras in front of some good looking ladies. Unlike many of the other Nudie scenes, the Roughie had to have some kind of Crime Noir-esque story to keep things interesting in that Tabloid Magazine style, and as Mahon was not really known for his story telling abilities, it is surprising that the films he made in this vein were actually alright, with this one being possibly the best, capturing that Mid-60’s 42’nd Street style well.

The usual mention of cast members will not be in this review, as the credits clearly state that this is starring “Madame Sue and her Times Square Girls” and nothing more, not even the Actors, which I guess may be including part of the small crew listed below. There are cameos mentioned below, but that’s mainly thanks to the usual Exploitation Fan spotting.



Madame Sue runs a successful Prostitute operation in the heart of NYC, and as it should happen, The Mob wants to get a piece of the action. Still, being the go ahead women they are, they decide to fight back and keep themselves independent of any outsider business influence. With that decision, the Mob decides to off some members one by one either by gun, knife, or hanging until the PPS win out in this battle of sleaze, concluding with the Mob’s leader being caught and, in true Grindhouse fashion, “being turned into a Choir Singer,” the classic ending of many Roughies of the day.

The Group Meetings are usually like this, and that's good.

The Group Meetings are usually like this, and that's good.

One of the PPS In Action

One of the PPS In Action



Get Ready to Sing for Your Supper!

Get Ready to Sing for Your Supper!

The only thing missing is a sharp style that either Byron Mabe or Joe Mangine would have brought to this. Mabe was already on the West Coast working for David F. Friedman while Mangine was not around early enough for this film, as his first team up with Barry Mahon was with 1967’s Hot Skin, Cold Cash, another fine short and cheap Sleazefest but with a bit of a hipper edge. Still, with Mahon at the camera, and with William Henniger, Dan Quinn, and Phil Chiocchio along, this did fine complete with a couple of cameos by Darlene and Dawn Bennett and an appearance by Rita Bennett in one of the opening moments helping out this tale of “Madame Sue and Her Times Square Girls” great. Vinnie Rogers and the Rockets provide the great soundtrack that takes “The Swim” into some Dirty Water, fitting the scene perfectly.

Check out the Something Weird Video disc with The Hookers and Meeting on 69’th Street for this prime cut.

I’ll brew up some looks into some films of the Diabolical Duo of Roughies – Michael and Roberta Findlay – soon. Stay Tuned!


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