Synapse Distributes Casa Negra and Panik House

Thanks to the news over on the Cinesploitation blog, I just got the great news. Synapse Films, one of the greatest companies to the world of DVD (The 42’nd Street Forever trailer collections), has picked up titles from the Casa Negra and Panik House collections, and it’s recommended that anyone interested should get these discs as soon as possible. And there’s a lot of great titles to choose from.

The world of Panik House has plenty of titles from Asia spanning from the classics like Sex and Fury to more recent films like Tokyo Psycho, all with great transfers and extras. Those with plenty of cash to spend should look at the acclaimed Pinky Violence Collection, and although 4 discs at around $99.99 may be a bit much, one has to take note that it comes in an attractive box set that has a collector’s booklet featuring Chris D.’s look at the Toei Studio’s Bad Girl Cinema, and he seriously knows his history.

If you’re looking for one disc to start off with, though, Sex and Fury is one to go for. The teaming up of Reiko Ike and Christina Lindberg is double the pleasure – The legendary Pinky violence star and one of Europe’s most notable ladies of the sin-ema (Thriller: A Cruel Picture/They Call Her One Eye, the Depraved, and many more) together in a sharp film that has been ranked as one of the best. It’s a fast seller (As of this post, it’s out of stock, and more copies should be out soon), so get it while you can.

I know more about the world of Casa Negra more as most of the films in their Mexican Horror collection have been seen by many through the years on the Creature Features and even cheap VHS and DVD presentations until all of the rights were sorted out and finally turned out sharp official presentations of these films for the first time ever. In The States, many of these films like The Brainiac and The Man and the Monster were Distributed in English versions through K Gordon Murray’s company through The 60’s, with some of the voice-overs and trailer announcements voiced by Bill Rogers, the star of HG Lewis’ A Taste of Blood. Sadly, the English dubbed version was not saved, so it’s one of the discs in the collection that only has the original Spanish track (Really, the only one you should hear for any of these pictures on first viewing)…but still all who dig some of the classic era B&W Horror should get it as soon as possible as it has a cool style.

As for the cheap DVDs, I do have The Brainiac, the classic and sometimes very funny Horror flick with the monster with the long tongue, in one of it’s few DVD releases with the K Gordon Murray credits. It’s bought in a three-flick disc collection called Serial Chillers with Fury of the Wolfman (Starring Paul Naschy) and Doctor Blood’s Coffin. Bought a long time back, and I’m keeping it as a reminder of how far DVD transfers for these films have gone since the early days of the format (This was an ’04 release) and the numerous budget discs that were running around then.

In other words, this is one of the best DVD news stories of the year!


~ by screen13 on June 28, 2009.

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