Wild Movie Reviews

To those who know me, I do have a passion of getting into the world of Grindhouse Movies from the days before the initials VHS invaded the home entertainment experience. I’m interested the history of films from the days of the Drive-Ins, the Second and Third Run movie houses (Independent-International’s Sam Sherman gave a small tribute to them in his commentary for the The Creature With the Blue Hand), the El Cheapo Movie houses that were in the suburbs which were the lite versions of those Third Run movie houses, and just the places that could really be called Grindhouses – Mainly ran in the Downtown areas 24-7. You know, the places where the films I get into would normally be the scene.

Sadly, I was at the moment when the final nail in the coffin was hammered down at the end of that era and had to really settle down for the rentals, which led me to really check out any, what I would consider at the time, hard to find film that would really make some clerks wonder where did I come from, and why do those videos exist. One of my favorite era was The Late 60’s-early 70’s, when the ratings were just starting (Nov. 1968 is the month that it all happened) and when the film makers were all going ga ga at slapping any kind of madness on the screen and even finding plenty of actors aiming for some kind of gig in one of them or a hit songwriter adding in a theme song.

Well, I’ll get to some more memories later…but first, here’s a couple of pages that will start to introduce you to what I watch, and later review for The Grindhouse Database, or some other places, like this Blog you’re reading now. This is not Mainstream stuff, and I don’t plan to write on any of it soon unless it’s a true classic that meets this scene (in other words, if it’s a jaw-dropper, thought-provoker, eye-opener, or any other catchy phrase you want to throw in).

Just move the Cursor over the description, click the link, and enjoy!

~ by screen13 on June 25, 2009.

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